AFS Zero Trust Conversation Framework

A presentation at AFS Zero Trust Partner Enablement Workshop by Shawn Wells

Public presentation given during AFS Zero Trust Partner Enablement webinar that discusses the key conversational topics for an AFS Zero Trust engagement.

Outcomes were to help partners understand our strategy and our why behind the strategy. To collaborate and discuss together; together in order to ensure we understand our strategy the reasoning behind it, and the best ways we can achieve it - TOGETHER.

Covers four key conversations/capabilities:

  1. Progressive safeguards Protects high-risk, high-value targets through intelligence, risk-based scenarios and vulnerability hunting

  2. Risk-based identity & access Drives integrated and collaborative security risk management across functions

  3. Dynamic operations Enables independent/autonomous resiliency while reducing impacts from the unknown

  4. Cyber-savvy workforce Adapts quickly and securely during disruption and change