New Era of Digital Security

A presentation at GovLoop Webinar by Shawn Wells

As citizens demand digital access and more software is delivered as a service, government organizations need new technologies to offer these services. But adopting them makes security and regulatory compliance more difficult. In addition, securing devices and infrastructure that are outside of your environment is a key challenge.

This means IT teams must manage and secure a continuously evolving landscape. New vulnerabilities emerge regularly, from external attacks and internal issues caused by human error or malice. However, organizations can often view security teams as blockers to rapid productivity, rather than supporters. How can this be flipped to enable innovation?

To discuss how government can better do this, GovLoop and Shawn Wells, Chief Security Strategist, U.S. Public Sector Red Hat spoke as part of GovLoop and Red Hat’s Gov Security in the Digital World Virtual Summit in Wells’s session, New Era of Digital Security.

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