Aligning and Sharing Cybersecurity Practices Between Federal and State Government

A presentation at GovLoop Webinar by Shawn Wells

Many state CIOs and their teams have spent countless hours trying to create their own cybersecurity frameworks from scratch. Reflecting enormous amounts of research, planning and implementation, these bespoke cybersecurity frameworks distract from the state’s core mission of providing citizen services.

Yet according to the Public Technology Institute, only 42 percent of local governments have successfully adopted a cybersecurity framework based on national standards and guidelines. That’s a missed opportunity. Indeed, state agencies could be saving themselves a lot of time, money and effort by looking toward their federal brethren, who are here to help. For decades, the federal government has painstakingly developed cybersecurity frameworks to thwart a rise in ransomware attempts, software vulnerabilities and other malicious actions by hackers and rogue states seeking to gain access to U.S. assets.

This session, in partnership with GovLoop, reviews opportunities for aligning and sharing cybersecurity best practices between Federal and State government agencies.