Securing Intelligence in an Open Hybrid Cloud

A presentation at FedInsider Webinar: Securing Intelligence in an Open Hybrid Cloud by Shawn Wells

According to market intelligence firm IDC, 91% of IT organizations rely on open hybrid cloud as the de facto enterprise IT architecture. Open source is a key enabler of this rapid innovation and is driving the increased adoption of next generation technology and IT service delivery solutions. As open hybrid cloud becomes widely adopted questions surrounding security in the cloud and of open source hybrid cloud technologies in particular are prevalent.

Intelligence, military and civilian agencies have built significant enterprise infrastructure and many are, or will be adopting a hybrid cloud approach. This webinar will explore some of the best security practices and principals being used today in cloud deployments.

We’ll Discuss:

Understand the risk profile in cloud and methods to address and manage those risks. Integrating existing virtualized infrastructure into a more comprehensive, better-managed, secure open hybrid cloud. Best practices to deploy secure, resilient, reliable, open cloud solutions with features such as self-service portal, automation, provisioning, scalable storage, and flexible networking.

Speaker and Presenter Information

  • Jennifer Kron, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Intelligence Community

  • Shawn Wells, Director of Innovation Programs, Red Hat Public Sector