Defending against Insider Threats with Interset and CrowdStrike

A presentation at CrowdStrike and MicroFocus Webinar by Shawn Wells

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Insider threats are difficult to combat, and even harder to detect. Today, data breaches cost an average of USD $3.92 million, and roughly 1/3 of those breaches are due to insider threats. Whether out of negligence or malice, the bad actors within your organization are putting your data at risk. With billions of events, a plethora of entities, and vast attack vectors, organizations are now faced with a lack of visibility and control when it comes to insider threats, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

How can you best detect, react to, and mitigate insider threats in your organization? It comes down to leveraging the right endpoint data with unsupervised machine learning to find what may otherwise go unseen.

Join industry and subject matter experts, Stephan Jou, Interset CTO and Shawn Wells, VP of Global Solution Architecture, CrowdStrike on June 29 to get an inside look at how you can defend against insider threats with Interset and CrowdStrike.